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Zero Waste in School

2014 will see a focus upon reducing waste in schools across Central Otago and the Queenstown Lakes. Everyone on the planet has to deal with waste. It’s a fantastic theme to be able to introduce and grow education for sustainability in the classroom.

How can we guide our schools towards zero waste? Let’s start with following the Enviroschools Action Learning Cycle. Have a look at page 17 of your Enviroschools handbook for guiding questions and links to tools to help you solve them.

Identify the current situation with your waste – what is happening? 

During the first few weeks of term start discussions about waste. What waste do you have in the classroom? Where does it come from? How much of it do you have? These are simple questions that can be asked to all students. Record what you find. There is a fantastic teacher pack including audit sheets on the Enviroschools Measuring Change website.

Visit www.unpackit.org.nz to find a fantastic selection of resources dealing with waste in schools. There is something in there for everyone, really easy lunch box audits and information about packaging and recycling. Please remember that Simon is available to support classrooms in person and remotely within the Queenstown Lakes District, your students and teachers can contact him directly with any questions relating to EfS, and in particular waste.

We have made a padlet with some useful zero waste links, why not create your own in class? Add Simon as a contributor and he can answer questions directly on there.

Edible Gardens in School

Edible gardens in schools are AWESOME! They are a fantastic way to teach students about life cycles and observe how they work in a fairly short time span. From growing a seed into a seedling, planting those seedlings into the ground, watering them, watching them grow, talking to your buddies about the amazing growth that’s occurring, harvesting, eating your gorgeous kai and then returning the leftovers to your compost heap to create soil to use in the same process all over again. There are a heap of resources out there, a Google search of Edible Gardening in Schools will return thousands of options. Over time I’ve gathered a few goodies, well I think they are, and now I’ve made them available in a collection on my Google Drive.

Central Otago Early Years Education for Sustainability (COEYES)

The early childhood sector in Central Otago is already delivering lots of education for sustainability. As we investigate funding options to increase our capacity as a team we are doing everything we can to support this sector. With all of the work already happening, there has been an opportunity to pull it all together. A group of dedicated early childhood teachers have attended evening workshops all year. The workshops are open to anyone in the early childhood sector. Please email simon@wanakawastesbuters.co.nz if you’d like to to find out more.

The Google Drive folder for our clusters can be found here.


Notes from around the web

Links pages are a nightmare to navigate and manage. Endless lists of page titles is confusing and boring to trawl through. Thankfully the emergence of Internet technologies is making this easier. Simon has decided to start using a website called Padlet to collect some of the interesting and entertaining links he finds that are at the very least vaguely related to Education for Sustainability. You can also keep an eye on Wanaka Wastebusters Facebook page for ongoing updates from all of us.

October 2013 – A lovely variety of links here, from an introduction to why we need to choose a sustainable future through to a photography projects helping us understand the lives of different people and cultures across the globe….

September 2013 – Wilding Pines and Unpackit explained on video, living outdoor shade rooms, the sow and grow timetable and so much much more……