At Wanaka Wastebusters we are always looking for ways of doing things better. We love working with other recycling centres and like-minded people around New Zealand on projects, big and small. We are currently involved in the following  projects:

  • Smart Packaging and the Unpackit Awards – a nationwide project initiated by Wanaka Wastebusters to help New Zealanders choose smart packaging and reduce packaging waste. We ran the Unpackit Packaging Awards from 2010-2013 to find the best and worst packaging in New Zealand, and give Smart Packaging advice to businesses. Supported by funding from the Waste Minimisation Fund.
  • On The Road Recycling – Wanaka Wastebusters has run the South Island part of this project which makes it easier for visitors to recycle. On the Road Recycling helps New Zealand live up to the clean green brand we sell to the world, and fulfills tourists expectations of being able to access recycling services.