Love food hate waste


average avoidable and unavoidable per week weight medWe all love good food here at Wastebusters, and of course we hate waste. So we’re proud to be supporting the Love Food Hate Waste campaign in New Zealand.

The average family throws away $560 of food a year – the photo above shows the edible and inedible food thrown away by one family every week. It’s costly, not just for us but for the environment. In New Zealand we’re throwing 122,000 tonnes of edible food into landfills, where it breaks down and releases methane. What a waste of the fossil fuels, water and time it took to produce, harvest and transport the food! has tips to help you cut back on food waste and save money, and their Facebook page has lots of news and recipes.

Here in Wanaka, Wastebusters supported this year’s Great Autumn Apple Drive organised by Local Food Wanaka. Over a hundred people came together at the beautiful Rippon Hall to turn a tonne of apples into chutney and juice, and to learn more about different food and fermentation techniques.

Here’s the delicious Apple Chutney recipe from the Apple Drive, published in the Otago Daily Times