Love food hate waste

We all love good food here at Wastebusters, and of course we hate waste, which is why the UK campaign to keep food out of the landfill struck a cord with us.

Food waste is one of the worst things to put in a landfill. A landfill is designed to be an inert cave – to preserve everything in it for as long as possible. Food, on the other hand, is designed to rot. Put food in a landfill, and it will break down, albeit more slowly than normal, releasing methane and potentially causing leachate.

There are some simple housekeeping tips which can help you reduce your food waste.

  • Don’t buy more than your family can eat. Easier said than done, but planning meals (keep some flexibility to save money on specials) and writing a list can really help. At least you will have a better idea of how much food you need for the week.
  • Use up last week’s shopping before you go back to the supermarket. Look at it as a challenge. Find some good recipes eg soups, frittatas, stir-frys. Go to the Love Food Hate Waste UK website for some great ideas.
  • Use up left-overs. They’re great for lunch, dogs love them too. Cook a bit less if there are no left-overs fans in your house.
  • Share, swap or preserve any gluts from your garden.

The freshest, yummiest food comes from your own garden. But your garden needs feeding too, and the best way to do that is to make your own compost. Composting is also a fail-proof way of keeping your food waste out of the rubbish bag. That saves you money, stops your rubbish smelling bad and is much better for the environment.

Dr Compost can help you choose a composting system which suits your household and your section.