at Home

We can all do a lot at home to help reduce the amount of rubbish being thrown into landfills. All it takes is some simple choices and good habits. Here are a few easy ones to start with:

1. Choose smart packaging which is minimal and can be recycled or composted. Have a look at our Smart Packaging website or friend us on our Unpackit Facebook page if you want to know more.

2. Recycle. Bring your household recycling down to Wanaka Wastebusters recycling centre, corner of Ballantyne Rd and Riverbank Rd. We’ll sort it and send it off to be recycled – for the cost of a cup of coffee a month.

3. Reuse. Check out our great re-use shop while you’re there – it’s a great chance to meet some locals and find something you need or want. We love the way things go round and round in Wanaka; consumption without the cost.

4. Reduce food waste and start composting. Love food hate waste? Who doesn’t. That’s why we need to reduce food waste and get it out of the landfill.