Mission and vision

Our Mission

We are a community owned enterprise, providing innovative resource recovery and education for sustainability solutions for our community and across New Zealand.

Our Vision

Going beyond the ordinary, we will be influential and self sustaining. We will provide meaningful jobs as we work together towards zero waste.

OurĀ  Core Values

  • We take responsibility for our decisions, acting with honesty and integrity
  • We are resourceful, making productive use of available resources
  • We focus on solutions to provide effective services for our customers
  • We join-the-dots to stay ahead of the pack, build relationships that deliver value and continuously improve our processes


General manager Sue Coutts creates the big picture vision for Wanaka Wastebusters Ltd, which trades as Wastebusters. She reports to a Board of Directors who watch over the financial health of the company. The current Board is composed of:

  • Sally Battson (chair)
  • Nikki Holmes (secretary)
  • Nigel Perkins
  • Greg Bodeker
  • Caroline Harker
  • Jan Caunter

Wastebusters is owned by the incorporated society called the Friends of Wanaka Wastebusters. Anyone can become a member of the incorporated society.

The long-term vision of Wastebusters is overseen by the Friends of Wastebusters executive committee, which is elected by members at the yearly AGM:

  • Rachel Brown (chair)
  • Sharon Beattie
  • Sophie Ward
  • Florence Micoud
  • Robyn Bardas