A future for Central Otago Wastebusters

20150630_154040 (1)From July 1st, Wanaka Wastebusters has taken over Central Otago Wastebusters. We will run the Wastebusers reuse shop and business recycling in Alexandra, and will employ eight local staff. CODC have given us a three year contract to run most of the Central Otago recycling drop-offs. This recognises the value of keeping community enterprise in town; bringing jobs and a culture of waste minimisation. Today Central Otago, tomorrow the world!

Gina’s Plastic Free July blog

Monday 6th July

crackersOne of my biggest sources of plastic waste is crackers. We eat a lot of them – the little round rice ones and the big fat square ones. And of course they all come wrapped in plastic! The trays of the little rices ones can be recycled because they are made from PET and are marked with a number one in the recycling triangle on the bottom. Still, there’s a reason why recycling is down near the bottom of the waste hierachy triangle, and reduce and refuse are up the top – and that’s because recycling can’t solve the problem of the amount of plastic waste we’re creating. …read more

Donations for Nepal

truckThanks to the generosity of our customers, we recently donated $1099.60 to the Nepal Earthquake – Helambu, Solu Khumbu Relief Fund from the collection jar in the shop. The fund was set up by Sophie Ward (our former project manager) and her husband Mal Haskins. All the money raised assists them to get aid and supplies to remote Nepalese communities.

Sophie is heading back to Nepal to continue to help with the distribution of food and aid to hard hit regions. We wish her all the best and safe travels.

Dr Compost advice

Dr Compost workshops are now finished until next spring. If you have a composting question that you’d like answered before then, you can email Dr Compost (Ben Elms) at drcompost@wanakawastebusters.co.nz

The Dr Compost home-composting project is funded by QLDC and delivered by Wanaka Wastebusters. It reduces food and garden waste going to landfill, where it decomposes and releases methane, a harmful climate change gas.