Bokashi joy

bokashi spono poster copyWe’re delighted that QLDC is currently subsidising 50 percent off Bokashi buckets starter kits. This is a limited offer, so don’t delay.

You’ll only pay $53 for a starter kit (if you live in the Queenstown Lakes District area or pay rates here i.e. own a bach). Bokashi uses micro-organisms to ferment food waste before it’s dug into the ground, read more about it here.

You can buy subsidised Bokashi kits here at Wanaka Wastebusters or from the Shotover Garden Centre in Queenstown.

Love Food Hate Waste New Zealand

downloadAs a country we throw out $872 million worth of food that could have been eaten. What a crazy waste! Especially when you think of the cost of growing, transporting, chilling and finally dumping it. Love Food Hate Waste New Zealand wants to help us save money by reducing avoidable food waste. Who’s in? Campbell Live did a great story on it. Warning, some of what you see may shock you.

Dr Compost advice

unnamedDr Compost workshops are now finished until next spring. If you have a composting question that you’d like answered before then, you can email Dr Compost (Ben Elms) at

The Dr Compost home-composting project is funded by QLDC and delivered by Wanaka Wastebusters. It reduces food and garden waste going to landfill, where it decomposes and releases methane, a harmful climate change gas.

Appliance recycling

Did you know we dismantle most large appliances on-site for recycling and reuse? We charge $5-$15 per appliance, depending on the size. Click here for the full price list.

All the metal is recycled, except for the washing machines cylinders which we sell as braziers.  The only appliances which we can’t recycle are fridges and freezers because of the high cost of degassing them responsibly.

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