Want to see waste reduction a priority? Your chance to have a say

Waste is growing in our district. Since May 2016, we’ve been sending glass picked up at the kerbside for recycling in Queenstown to landfill. Now Alexandra kerbside glass is going to landfill too because it is contaminated with cardboard, plastics and cans.

We need a bold vision to move towards zero waste. And we need to make sure that contracts for services are designed to get the best outcomes for the community, not just the cheapest cost.

This is your chance to have a say on the future of waste in our district. QLDC’s and CODC’s Waste Minimisation and Management Plans are now out in draft form and they want your feedback.

Queenstown Lakes District Council WMMP here

Central Otago District Council WMMP here (scroll down the page to the Current CODC Consultations table) …read more

Scissor Sisters save stuff from landfill

These lovely ladies are part of our crew of Scissor Sisters (aka the Cotton Rippers) who have been coming in to Wastebusters for 18 years to cut up cotton rags which we sell for all sorts of cleaning uses. If you need 100% cut cotton rags, you can buy a large bag full for only $7. The bags of rags are now in one of the containers in the yard – ask our friendly staff if you can’t find them. Thanks Scissor Sisters for finding another life for all those old sheets, pillow cases and t-shirts.

50% off Bokashi buckets

Want a convenient, easy and pretty much idiot-proof way to compost? Bokashi buckets and “zing” sawdust will help you get food waste out of your rubbish bin and turn it into a resource for your garden. Queenstown Lakes District Council will pay 50% of the start-up cost for Queenstown Lakes residents and rate-payers. So pop into Wanaka Wastebusters (or Shotover Garden Centre in Queenstown) and pick a starter kit up for $56. We’re open 9am-5pm every day.

For tips on how to use the Bokashi system, check out Dr Compost’s Youtube clip.

Making cents

Bottle driveYou know that bit on the back of the bottle about getting a 10c refund in South Australia? Well, there’s a new campaign to get a recycling refund system here in New Zealand too. The Great Kiwi Bottle Drive wants to bring back a 10c recycling refund for all beverage containers (including glass and plastic bottles, and cans).

We know that recycling refunds push up beverage container recycling rates to 85% (ours is currently 40%) and drastically reduce litter.

If you think it’s a good idea, sign the petition here.