Closed Good Friday and ANZAC morning

Wastebusters in Alexandra and Wanaka will be closed all of Good Friday (Friday 14th April) and on the morning of ANZAC day (Tuesday 25th April). We will open at 1pm on ANZAC Day. Our normal opening hours are 9am-5pm, seven days (including Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday).

Sew Love comes to Wastebusters

SewloveWastebusters is really excited to be hosting the Sew Love repair caravan at our Wankaa recycling centre during the second week of the school holidays. For a small charge, the lovely and colourful Sarah offers clothing repairs on the spot and also teaches people how to do their own. “Give a person pair of jeans, clothe them for a day. Teach them how to sew, and you clothe them for a lifetime”….as the old saying goes (or something like that). You can track Sew Love’s travels on Facebook.

Dr Compost answers

DSC_3357 copyAs Ben couldn’t be at the autumn workshops, he promised to answer any tricky questions that came up. If you have any other veggie gardening or composting questions, email him on

Can I use raspberry canes in compost?

Yes, raspberry canes are a fantastic carbon source. Cut them into 2 to 5cm pieces, …read more

P** off plastic

fairgoWe loved this Fair Go special on plastic waste (and no, not just because we were in it!)

Plastic sneaks into every corner of our lives, and the impact it has on our rivers and oceans  is scary. Choosing not to use single-use plastic is one big step you can take to reduce plastic in our environment.

Plastic Bag Free Wanaka is keen to make our town plastic bag free by 2017. Facebook friend them to keep up with events.