Exit stage right

1-Signs 3Our new signs are in place, and from 9am Tuesday, it will be one-way traffic all the way around our place. The new exit will be via the gate you can see in the background here, onto the transfer station road.

It should make it quicker and easier for anyone wanting to drop recyclables off on the way to the tip. And safer for everyone walking round the yard too.


CaptureThe Wanaka Wastebusters ultimate op-shop and recycling centre is open 9am-5pm, every day. You’ll find everything you need, from duvets and heaters to cutlery and clothes.

The little shop that doesn’t cost the earth is on the corner of Riverbank Rd and Ballantyne Rd. We put out new things daily, you never know what you’re going to find. Number One, the Wastebusters cat, might even give you a snuggle if you’re lucky.

Hot builders recycle

builder sun ad v1

                                                                                             Hope our new construction recycling ad makes you giggle – thanks to Bex and to Clint from CBG Quality Construction for modelling for us. Clint is one of our original recyclers from the building industry – he’s been recycling onsite for more than seven years. If you’re building a house, ask your builder to set up onsite recycling…It’s easy, and we can help.

Computer recycling

batteriesWe recycle computers, cell-phones and all computer accessories. There is a charge to cover safe, responsible recycling. Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world, and it contains toxic heavy metals. Rechargeable batteries, car batteries, eco light-bulbs, waste engine and veggie oil also shouldn’t be dumped in our land or water, so you can recycle them with us too.